Blue The Vigorist



Chaplin Skull


Westina The Swan

Clown Skull

American Space Monkey


Sideline Dad Skull


Nina The Black Swan


Originally inspired by Picasso’s sculptures, Blue The Vigorist has put a 21st Century touch to the words of Picasso “every act of creation is first an act of destruction”. Techsidermy, a term coined by Blue the Vigorist is taking outdated electronics and transforming them into original works of art.  In a day where our personal electronics are being replaced by superior technology as soon as we purchase them, this art form utilizes those electronics (Cell phones, Boom Boxes, Computers, etc). Stripping them to their basic parts and then redefining them into personalized art pieces.  Pulled from destruction and saved from the landfills to be reborn into one of a kind personalized works of art. These sculptures are available through Borghi Fine Art Gallery.

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Purchase available pieces through Borghi Fine Art Gallery.