Blue The Vigorist uses art to unveil the unexpected within each of us by leveraging various mediums and materials to create experiences.


Living out a personal calling to inspire and invigorate others with confidence and clarity, Blue The Vigorist uses art to unveil the unexpected within each of us by leveraging various mediums and materials to create experiences, each unique from the last.  Blue Haas was born in Kansas in 1975 and spent his youth influenced by his mother and two older brothers, both of whom are also established artists.  Blue first began to finger paint large scale public murals when he was only 12 years old. The arts are expressed through him in a long list of mediums from this young age. 
Blue is currently creating sculptures from discarded electronics, that he later paints. He has dubbed these creations techsidermy.  The Vigorist prefers to work with these old electronic parts due to their impact on contemporary society.  The environment is overloaded with relics of recent past, such as cameras, boomboxes, video game systems, etc.  The discarded electronics not only have a huge impact on the environment but also on the contemporary perspective of daily life.  He chooses to use old music equipment due to the undeniable role that music plays in human expression, and to use old camera parts in part due to their role as cultural time capsules.  Blue also prefers using discarded video game systems due to the impact that these consoles have on our youth and the relation to the time period of his own youth when they were being developed.

Blue the Vigorist has not taken the traditional root to the creation of art, but it is this non traditional approach that gives the works the power that they hold.  The pieces are not informed by formal artistic training, but rather by the formal training of life experience, and they undeniably contain a character that cannot be taught.